Baby Nest Bed with Pillow™

$89.99 $129.99

The intimate and independent bed size design ensures a safe sleep for your baby and allows you to ensure your baby naps easily at any time and place.

This portable bed is designed to take the stress out of going places and having your baby nap when needed.

Suitable Age: Newborn - 10 months

Dimensions: 77cm L x 50cm W x 11cm D 

Package Includes: 1 Baby Nest Bed with Pillow

Material: 100% cotton fabric, hypoallergenic materials


  • Non-toxic Materials: Our Baby Nest Beds are made of 100% cotton fabric, hypoallergenic materials that are breathable and non-toxic which are safe for your baby's sensitive skin
  • Removable Pillow: The removable pillow adds comfort for a better sleep and also helps to elevate your baby if they are prone to having reflux issues.
  • Comfort: The Baby Nest Bed provides a safe and comfortable environment for babies, it ensures your baby is kept on their back while sleeping and we tend to think of it as the best thing after the womb.
  • Convenience: Babies can rest and play without the restrictions of belt buckles, without the interference of bells and whistles, and also allow parents to sleep with their children safely. It can also be used to aid tummy time and allow your baby to be comfy while developing through their leaps.
  • Light-weight: With the lightweight design, it makes it all that easier to carry your nest bed while you move around with your baby.
  • Easy to clean: Being machine washable this enables our Baby Nest Bed to easily be cleaned and is the ultimate newborn essential.